Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Platinum Hoop Earrings

Perchance have you considered lately the newest trend in jewelry metals? Platinum is the new metal of choice, and is considered more precious than gold. Gold and silver has been the mainstay of the jewelry world for centuries. Platinum is equal to the luster and appearance of silver, and is alloyed with a modicum amount of gold. Platinum is often considered more rare and more precious than gold. An example of affordable jewelry for the girl in your life is platinum hoop earrings.

Platinum Hoop Earrings

Women of all walks of life love hoop earrings, and with the new trend of platinum, then a set of platinum hoop earrings would make an excellent gift. Platinum has taken over the jewelry scene. Gold and silver are the mainstays, but platinum has some very impressive characteristics. Platinum produces a great luster and sheen that many would rather have it as their jewelry of choice. Platinum rarely causes problems with the skin because it lacks nickel which generally causes allergic reactions for platinum is not alloyed with the nickel metal. With the platinum hoop earrings the chance of having an allergic reaction is very, very rare. They are deemed more comfortable than other jewelry on the ears.

Double Platinum Hoop Earrings

Why consider platinum hoop earrings? The metal platinum is a beautiful silvery-white is malleable and ductile. The metal does not oxidize in air, and will keep its luster for years. The jewelry has a unique quality in that it will not tarnish or wear out. Since platinum is a rare metal then it is being considered more valuable than gold or silver. Platinum exudes luxury, and prestige because of these metal characteristics. In today’s society platinum is considered higher than gold, but one step lower than diamond. The luster and sheen of the metal will make any ear happy with shine and luxury.

If you are interested in purchasing some platinum jewelry, then platinum hoop earrings is a good choice. The platinum hoop earrings are loved due to the quality of craftsmanship. If the jeweler is working with platinum and makes a mistake then the whole piece is wasted because of the expense of the precious metal. Platinum is a hard metal, and requires great effort when molding and shaping which renders it as long lasting.

Big Platinum Hoop Earrings

The styles of platinum hoop earrings are as vast and different as gold and silver earrings. The hoop earrings can be polished, small, medium or large in size. They can have diamonds, Cubic Zirconia or even sapphires attached. They can be plain, or contain a design. Some platinum hoop earrings have been layered over silver. The prices of platinum hoop earrings are relatively expensive, since the metal is considered more precious than gold.

Each of the specific styles of platinum hoop earrings is unique with its own specific characteristics. They would make a great gift for yourself and a good choice not only for its look and design but as an investment. Make a choice to be different. Choose Platinum hoop earrings for your girl, wife, friend, lover or yourself. After all, the frame for the crown of Queen Elizabeth is made from platinum. Be apart from the crowd and let yourself feel like royalty. You’ll love it, and your ears will too.